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graphics and whatnot.
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➜ et toutes les fleurs qu’on trouve.
Haven't posted here in a while, sorry about that.

!003 Jack White
!012 Bat for lashes
!007 MGMT
!007 Sash Suicide
!014 Rigel Suicide


All I wanna do is have my mind erasedCollapse )
12th-Nov-2009 04:41 pm(no subject) [!poster: voicelesswolf]
➜ et toutes les fleurs qu’on trouve.
Hey everyone just letting you know that valo_princess is now voicelesswolf.
I also have a new graphics community skeletonfuuck so check that out! you'll find my first two posts there (well actual only one, become a member and you can see the others).

I'll be posting my new lot of icons and stuff here for you to see.
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